P for progress

New parts and a New Stanley! In order to replace the h-bridges we were able to get our hand on a motor shield that can handle both the actuator and car motor at the same time. Along with that Mr. Bahn welded a new bolt closer to the center of rotation on the steering axel. This new leverage now allows the actuator to steer the car twice as fast, but at the priced of putting a good bit of stress on the cars frame. This faster steering allows us to not only up the speed of the car but slow down the motion sensors . The car was having problems with stuttering commands because the motion sensors were getting distances a lot faster than need be, slowing down the sensors made the program a lot smoother and less buggy.┬áNow everything seems in good harmony now that the steering has caught up with the motor and the sensors have slowed down for the steering. With this new speed control we are trying to get the car to actually accelerate out of turns as well as slow down while approaching walls. The next week should be a lot of fun……

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