Down to a halt

So this week………

I come back to school from the weekend to find that Stanley didn’t want to work. He would run the motor fine but the steering was doing absolutely nothing for us. It took about two days of trouble shooting to find that the new motor shield was having issues with the steering terminals. The chip that controlled the terminals had burnt out, thank god the shield has a built in sensor to detect faults. Mr. Bahn managed to talk to the schools I.T department and found that turning the chip from LOW to HIGH so fast can cause the chip to burn out. Sending 3 amps one side and then switching to 3 amps in the other direction put too much stress on it. One of the motor drivers from earlier was put back onto the car to replace the steering terminal but now there are a couple choices to be made. The faster steering puts a lot more pressure onto the car and since the actuator is closer to the center of rotation the force required has increased immensely to compensate for the new leverage. We either keep the speed or change it back┬ábut each one has a set of headaches to deal with.

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