A Couple Steps Forward and a Few Steps Back

There were a lot interesting and mixed feelings about this weeks progress. We moved the steering peg closer to the center of rotation so the steering would move twice as fast. This allowed it to keep up with the motor but we didn’t realize the headaches that would come with it. Our steering mechanism is heavily based on timing. In theory you spend 3 seconds turning right and then spend three seconds turning to the left you should end up where you were but that just wasn’t the case for the new steering peg. Because there was so much more friction on the one side the car kept wandering to the left. It required more force to turn the car  to the right than it did to the left. So the actuator was turning on for those 3 seconds but it was not ending up back at center. This error or issue doesn’t matter when the steering is moved outward because of the equal amounts of force it takes to turn left and right but the faster steering was just too problematic and it was just safer to move back to the old steering position. The faster way isn’t always the easiest I suppose……

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