As far as he’ll go!

This past week was spent on the final testing. Stanley Jr and his programs for the most part work fine by themselves but when put together it’s just too much for him to handle. When the compass and GPS programming is by itself he’ll reach his goal but he can only do it without the sensors. There is this huge game of give and take. He can give power to the GPS and Compass yet after that there is only so much he can give to the sensors. This lack of power or rather the rapid jumping of voltage to the sensors is feeding Stanley the wrong information. We’ve reached the end of the line and there’s nothing more I can do for him. As frustrated as I am about it I have to keep reminding myself of what the real goal was. I couldn’t thank Mr. Bahn enough for convincing me to stay behind. Early grad, as good as it sounds, deprives you of a semester or even¬† a year that could be used benefitting what you can do. Everyone makes fun of Dover for how backwards the school can be but every time I enter room 253 that disappears. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given. Stanley knows where his goal is and he can avoid objects almost with ease he just can’t do it at the same. I’ll stop the complaining though. I’m satisfied with how far I have come and how he has come.¬† (P.S this won’t be my recap post)

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