Final Review

Stanley Jr. is not the first and he will not be the last autonomous car. My entire goal for the semester was to create a better version that previously existed. I wanted to build it a different way and use different materials and just put my own name on it. In this stubborn pursuit I neglected the real purpose as to why I was in the class. The classes Bahn teaches all influence hard work, creativity, and ingenuity. I started the course with absolutely no experience with electronics and I was surprised at what I was able to create. I went from lighting LED’s to creating an almost fully autonomous car able to follow coordinates and avoid obstacles.  I had no clue what I could do and in this class the sky really is the limit. What you put into your project is what you get out of it. Robotics rewards the hard work you put into it and it’s satisfying to see it all come to life. I’ll never forget the fun times I had in that class. I’ll never forget the headaches the steering system gave me, and I’ll never forget the childish personality Stanley Jr. had. Dover Robotics has definitely been the most rewarding class I’ve ever taken.

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