Autonomous GPS Car/Vex Robotics

Autonomous GPS Car

Testing for the car is going very well. Though, there is some complications with the sensors and the bugs in the program. The problem with the sensor (sonar) is that sometimes it does not sense the distance from walls and does not stop. Also, the other thing that needs to be fixed is how the vehicle
drives.  Through troubleshooting, we found that when the car is close to a wall, it does not read the distance well and drives right into the wall anyway.

In the program, it needs to be fixed that it can steer while it drives, or back up and turn when it is close to a wall or surface that would impede movement.

Vex Robotics

For this project, the chassis of the vehicle has been completed and now we are working on the drive system. The decision needs to be made to either have a tank or arcade driving system. Using tank would be easier to steer but would use up the two analog sticks which one could be used for an arm to do different tasks. Arcade is harder to steer and work with but can be done on one analog stick and be able to use the other for other operations.

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