Relay and Blueprint


I unfortunately missed posting last week, so I’m getting this one up early.

The majority of my work, so far, has been on creating an efficient and effective H-Bridge circuit for use on the GPS car, the automated drum if necessary, and any future projects that may call for it.

Pictured above, is the layout of the H-Bridge circuit and and the first completed circuit (minus its jacks). Matthew and I worked together to create both the layout and the prototype circuit.

H-Bridge Circuit

Using relays (the big black and white parts) to control the direction of the electric current, this can be used with an arduino to alternate the direction of a motor, since most simple motors in circuits can only be turned on and off. Whereas this one can change direction.

Ink and Solder

And this featured part is an art piece created by Austin “Tony” Shaffer, titled “Ink and Solder”.

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