Updates for Robotic Drums

First off, I have not posted anything on the website over the last couple of weeks, so I will do my best to catch you up on everything that we have been doing with our robotic drum project to this point. Over the past two weeks, we have been mainly working on conversion of MIDI signal into a code that can be received by a linear actuator. The linear actuator will push  a drumstick, making it strike the drum. The group that is working on the drums has perfected the design for one of the drumstick mounts, but seven more need to be made for a full drum set to be present. The MIDI to Arduino programming has been a little more difficult. We had to first figure out how to make a MIDI converter circuit using a six pin octocoupler that we have in our possession. It was a little tough to find a schematic for this, since most octocouplers have six pins, and the one that we had only has six. We eventually figured out a design for the circuit, and then found a code that allowed us to convert MIDI signal from a keyboard and convert it through the Arduino. We finished that circuit, and it is fully functioning and able to convert MIDI signal through the Arduino. We now are working on setting up all of the drums to work through their own code on another Arduino chip. Once all of the drums are mounted and the MIDI circuit is soldered together and ready to use, the drum set will be nearly complete. I will post another update at the end of this week.

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