Week in Review

This was a particularly short work week in the Hall of Philosophy. Not only did we lose Monday for work, but I also missed Tuesday as well, and Wednesday, we wasted a large amount of the period that day in a meeting. 

When we finally did get to work, I mostly helped Matt and Austin with the GPS and the car respectively. Towards the end of the week, I assisted Matthew more and more frequently, and on Friday, he and I reworked the logic for the GPS to make it much more reliable.

The gist of the “new” GPS, is that now, it will assign the target direction as 0 degrees, or North. Then depending on what heading you’re currently facing, say 65 or 190 degrees, it will calculate whether you should turn left or right to correct your heading.

With a little fine tuning and some fixing of minor problems, the GPS should be working pretty perfectly. I’m looking forward to the point when we can combine the GPS with the car.

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