MIDI Drums Update

This past week, the MIDI Drums group has been working on perfecting the design of the drum set. Also, we have been working on making a case for the drum circuit for easy transportation and storage.

The MIDI drums have made a lot of progress in the past week.  First, we resolved an issue involving the drums not beating hard enough. This was done by reducing the voltage that was going to other sources, and focusing the voltage on the transistors that control the drums. The drums now beat louder than they ever have, and they sound awesome. We have three drums set up to play at the same time through the same MIDI signal, and we should have all eight up and ready to play all at once soon.  For the case, we have been re-purposing the case of a broken oscilloscope.  This case will contain an Arduino chip, an octocupoler board, and two transistor boards, as well as many control buttons and output jacks. The case should be ready soon, and everything should be mounted in the case in the near future.

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