GPS Car Goals

To prepare the GPS  car for the real world, we have laid out a series of tasks that gradually progress in difficulty to a point where the car will be performing at our desired level.

The first task we’ve planned is simply to have the car drive a 50 m distance to its designated target, without obstacles.

Our second task, is one to test its ability to reorient itself and find its target heading. Starting the car facing the opposite direction of its desired heading, it would then need to complete a turn to find its correct heading.

Thirdly, it would drive a 50 m distance to its target, with one simple obstacle in the way.

The fourth test would require it to travel a similar 50 m distance, but this time we would test its ability to travel over a field area. This is less a test of accomplishments, and more one of limitations; whether or not it CAN drive in a field area.

The next test will test its response time. We will have it drive to a set target, and midway through its journey, someone will jump out in front of it and the car will have to navigate around it.

Then, we’ll test its ability to make turns around corners. With the car oriented along a wall, and its target on the other side, it will have to drive to the end of the wall and clear the turn to its target.

Finally, we want it to navigate from one end of the student parking lot, to the other end with several obstacles in the way.

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