Gyroscope and Accelerometer

For the gyroscope, most of the problems have been fixed. This was done by finding a library. The first time Wyatt and I worked on this project, we could not find any libraries. So, we kind have tried to write our own which seemed to be impossible.

Then,  from the help of a friend, Matt,  we found a library from a different and updated version of our gyroscope. This library, surprisingly, did work for the lesser version. As a result, we did get a reading only when the gyroscope is in motion. If the gyroscope is not moving it does not know its position or orientation.


We have ordered an accelerometer to accompany the gyroscope which will help with telling the exact placement of the gyroscope and the object we attach it to, in space. This will be extremely helpful with constructing projects such as a self-balancing table or even a Segway.

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