Speed of Light Lab

These past two weeks, I have been working on an optics lab that tested the speed of light in air, using a laser. The experiment was conducted by first setting up the oscilloscope with the laser. Then, placing a mirror at a distance away from the laser. The closer you are to the laser, the more inaccurate the data is.
So, I used ranges from 30-70 meters. After 70 meters it became really hard to see the reflection of the laser and to focus it. Next, we hooked a receiver to the oscilloscope. To measure the speed of light, the oscilloscope was set on a dual-read setting that read when the laser pulse left the driver and when it came back to the receiver. The oscilloscope picked up different peaks of when the laser has been received. The difference between when the laser left and was received is the phase. Using the equation d/t, d being two times the distance from the mirror to the laser and t being the phase, the speed was found. I have gotten for results and at 70m was the most accurate, at 2.99 m/s.

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