Arduino Traffic Light_DB ( Week 2)

This week of DAHS Robotics my objective was to create a traffic light with similar hardware of the spaceship interface I previously built. There were many conflicts that arose when attempting to program the traffic light to run its cycle and transition to the crosswalk cycle, and then return to the main cycle. The solution to this conflict was to start fresh and create a series of “if statements” (Command on the Arduino Program), that would cause a counting effect which then allowed the different lights to come on during the count; equations of certain values controlled when the lights came on and off. If the count detected the button being pressed then it would atomically cause the red light to come on, then the cycle would restart; this is how the crosswalk was created. It’s been a progressive week of robotics once again,  I have learned new coding skills and strategies to apply to future robotic projects, including a “for loop” that adds numbers, a serial code that allowed the Arduino board to communicate with the computer, and even creating my own functions.

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