Little Stanley Jr.

After coming back to from Seattle I wanted to do nothing more than work on my care, but Stanley didn’t want to. While I was gone we had the shop teacher, Mr. Bowen, create a steering lever for the car. The lever is a mechanism with a turning arm that rotates in order to turn Stanley left and right. By using the linear actuator the arm could be pushed and pulled to steer. The lever was used along with a custom made “u” bracket in order to hold the actuator onto Stanley, but there were a couple problems at first. There were a couple flaws with the original lever arm and the entire thing had to bent straight in order to get the rotating motion we wanted. On top of that the first time the actuator was used on Stanley the limiter switch moved inside the actuator. It refused to retract and it could have ruined the entire project if it wasn’t fixed. Thank god all that Mr. Ban needed to do was take the thing apart and then back together. It was a long week coming home but steering can finally be checked off!


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