The title of this post is a reference to bumps and bruises we had to deal with throughout the week. Mr. Bahn created a fantastic steering process for the car that couldn’t honestly work any better than it already has. The software for the car now includes a dummy variable “t” and a goal variable “g”, these two variables work together inside three if statements in order to determine the position of the actuator. Along with the library, used to make the sensors easier to deal with, the program uses the if statements to determine the given boundaries and the variables to determine the steering position, say if the left was receiving a longer distance and the right sensor was not  the goal variable is sent to -70 and as the t variable works towards that goal the car turn left and vice versa.  After the obstacle is cleared the variables return to zero in order to center the car. Even though the software and most of the hardware is working the motor did not want to co-operate. After about an entire day of troubleshooting the hardware we found that the H-bridges we ordered can’t handle the 3 amps the motor is now requiring. Fun fact though, blowing on the over heated chip did make it work better. At least we’ll have a new bridge on Monday to work with, and little Stanley will learn to driver by himself!!!!

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