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Fixing the Dice

Soldering this electronic dice went well for the most part, save for a few operator errors concerning connections under the board. After correcting them all that’s left to do (so far) is replace my 4017 microchip  so that the dice can actually “roll” numbers.  My absence tomorrow will hopefully not delay myself too far, but I still have time next week to fix any unforeseen errors.

Electronic Dice Circuit

So  far the dice circuit is still going along as planned. After some user errors while planning the circuit, I decided to use the SB300 PCB Board because I have more experience using it in the past. As of now all of the parts and pieces are soldered in save for wires and connections under the board. I expect the project to be soldered completely on Monday, and any errors to be worked out by Wednesday at the latest.

Of Dice and Men

Some minor operator errors aside, this project is going well. As of now the electronic die circuit (dice) is up and running on the breadboard, so my project is right on schedule.


Decisions can now be made at the press of a button, along with a small random number generator.

Next up is planning the lay-out for a PCB board, then all that’s left is just some simple soldering untill the project is complete.