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Motion Sensor Madness

This week was specifically focused on using a motion sensor to control a small motor. The code up above has a simple void loop filled with a couple “if” statements. If  there is an object close to the sensor the motor stops, in order to simulate breaking, otherwise the motor just keeps spinning forward. The function at the bottom actually uses the echo pin  to find how long it takes to get that echo and from there it calculates how far the object is in cm.   I didn’t create the function so here’s the link to the webpage where I got a good chunk of the code

Speed Control

This week was all focused on controlling the speed of the motor, turns out to be easier said than done. Trying to find out a ratio for stopping and starting the motor in milliseconds is as frustrating as it gets. We hooked up the speed function to a small dial and it was nice learning the boundaries and the purpose of analogWrite, but it was incredibly frustrating beginning to end. 

The Past Repeats Itself

Now that we have worked with motors and have learned how to manipulate them, mostly just making them spin back and forth, I will work on recreating another GPS car. H-bridge, Arduino board, everything should end up the same as the pest model, but I would like to try a different steering mechanism. No matter how obtuse it might be, I believe using the linear actuator  might be a more accurate way to make the car turn, and to be completely honest, I cannot wait to continue working on the car.

Week Two_TM


Never thought I could ever be so productive. In one week we were able to go over the “for” and “while” loops as well as how to use exponential functions. When a wall was finally hit we were taught how to trouble shoot with the “Serial” commands. The ending result for the walking sequence was a lot simpler than I thought it would be. The loops I originally had consisted of “whiles” ,”fors”, “ifs”, they were everywhere.  The exponential counting definitely made our lives a lot easier, and will be a well remembered function. Although the Walking Cycle was completed the progress, however, didn’t end there. Right before the weekend started, I was able to get a small motor ready for the next experiment. Hopefully week three can be and will be just as productive. Continue reading Week Two_TM

Week One_TM

In this one week I was able to create a working “Space Ship Interface” and successfully turn it into a working traffic light. The hardware was simple, simple LED’s and resistors a long with a few wires, and the software, just a simple loop of setting three pins from LOW to HIGH to turn them off and on is simple enough to understand at this stage in the course.