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Electronic Coin Toss Circuit Update

The Electronic Coin Toss circuit has been finished on the PCB Board. It is functional but not completely. The coin toss seems to be favoring the green, or the “yes”, answer. One would say that this is just an optimistic circuit but this needs to be fixed so it is a 50/50 shot, ¬†just like a real coin. This issue will be fixed shortly. If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Electronic Coin Toss Circuit

Through troubles of a microchip that has created problems and is only known to the Spaniards (74LS76, most of the videos and articles found on this microchip were in Spanish), a change had to be made to use an IC 4017 to complete this stage of the project. Below is the finished and operating circuit of the Electronic Coin Toss in the breadboard stage. If any questions arise, please leave a comment.  Now on to PCB Boarding.