Birth of the Segway

Due to a halt in the progress of the GPS car, this week I worked on a self balancing segway. It uses an accelerometer and a step motor in order to keep it balanced. The step motor turns a gear that control which way of motion the wheels will go in order to keep it balanced. It also speeds up the rotation the further the segway is from balanced. It also has a feature that calibrated the center point whenever the arduino reset button is pressed. Soon, next week, the segways construction will be complete and hopefully it shall work.

Drum Project

As of now, we have soldered together the inner workings of the magic black box so that jumpers and extra wires are no longer required. just plug it in, hook it up to power, and play away. We need to solder together the Clarkinator and mount it in the box, then screw the box together and we will be finished.

Car Code Updated

It turned out that the combined code did not work. The car just drove in circles and did not work. After trying to update the code, but to no avail, Austin and I have decided to rework the car code. On friday, we have rewritten the code and will test it next week. Right now, the batteries are down and could not be tested. Hopefully, the new code will work next week.

Revision 3

This week Garrett, Noah, and I continued work on the robot drummer.  Noah created a joke button where when you press it the drums do the badum tsss thing.  I worked on writing midi to be played through the drums.  Noah and I also mapped another 21 drum signals so virtually any song could be played through the robot.  I am currently working on wiring the manual controls so it can be played without a midi input.