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My new Islands setting

This week I spent most of the time polishing rivers, but I also took some time to lay the ground work for additional terrain types. I also created an Island Algorithm, which can be used to create maps like the one displayed above.

Rivers, Ponds, and Lakes

This week I finally got a working version of the river algorithm for the Map Project. I also accidentally created a lake algorithm, and intentionally created ponds for the rivers that become sad and confused and cannot make it to the oceans. Here is a close up image so you can see the ponds:

And Here is a view of the whole map:

The river algorithm itself isn’t all that complex. First, the program draws the map. It then picks 30 points (Scales with chosen map size) and for each of them populates a river. The river is populated by painting the base point, checking the 8 touching points, moving to the lowest one, and painting that. It repeats this until there aren’t any lower points,at which point it makes a pond, or until it reaches the ocean.

Maps are cool

I’ve made great strides in my Map Generation project this week, as the previous few weeks have been split between research and watching the program put large unwanted black holes everywhere. I’ve worked out the kinks of my OpenSimplexNoise heightmap, and I’ve added a Biome system which will later be expanded upon, and some actual UI. Also, colors. The attached map was generated in a successful test of the program on default settings.