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Wrapping Up

This next week is the last week of the school year. So, it is time to finish our projects we have been working on and document it all. For the Segway project. We need to do a layout of the design along with the code (which is well commented) that was used to make the Segway preform. Once this is completed, the document will be put in a packet for anyone whom is willing to work on the project in the future to improve it, or willing to replicate the design.

Vex Robotics

For the competition we are almost ready. The design for the chassis is all done but there is one issue we are having to deal with at the moment. For one of the challenges, it is to move a container of sand by picking it up and dumping the sand in Cup 1 into Cup 2. Right now we are designing the arm that will be able to pick up this container. We have ideas in there prototype stages but we have not decided on what is the best idea for this challenge. Other than that, the driving is set up and everything else is in working order.

The Final Stretch

The electronic coin toss circuit is completed and in full working order.  The problems that were in the circuit had to do with the chance of landing on either red or green,  the chance was approximately 70/30 for it to land on green.  This problem was ultimately fixed and now the only thing that is left to do is put the circuit in some kind of structure that only shows the LEDs and the button. That would completely finish off the project.

Electronic Coin Toss: Finishing Stages

The issues with the circuit are currently being fixed. The issue is that the majority of the time it would land on green or the “heads” answer. Theoretically,  it should be a 50/50 chance to land on either heads or tails. In the last update, through testing, the average chance to land on green was 80% and now it is currently running 60% green which is very close to the theoretical chance of 50%. Currently, I am designing my article for my project which includes a completed schematic, parts list, pictures of the circuit during its construction and a description of the design process.

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