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MIDI Drums Finished

Today is the last day of the year for our class to be able to work on our robotic drums. They are fully functioning. There will be no more updates on progress since there will be no more progress.  We are now moving on to working on a final write-up/documentation of the robotic drums.

Revision 3

This week Garrett, Noah, and I continued work on the robot drummer.  Noah created a joke button where when you press it the drums do the badum tsss thing.  I worked on writing midi to be played through the drums.  Noah and I also mapped another 21 drum signals so virtually any song could be played through the robot.  I am currently working on wiring the manual controls so it can be played without a midi input.



Robotic Drums are Awesome

There’s no way around it, these drums are awesome.  In the true definition of the word, they inspire awe.  There are a few more options to add and modifications to make, but the full eight drums are playing right on time.  Great work to everyone involved!  More, and better, video updates to follow…

Next up: Mapping some of the 80+ drums available on MIDI  drum tracks to our 8 drums so that our system can be used with more MIDI compositions from the wilds of the internet.

Updates for Robotic Drums

First off, I have not posted anything on the website over the last couple of weeks, so I will do my best to catch you up on everything that we have been doing with our robotic drum project to this point. Over the past two weeks, we have been mainly working on conversion of MIDI signal into a code that can be received by a linear actuator. The linear actuator will push  a drumstick, making it strike the drum. The group that is working on the drums has perfected the design for one of the drumstick mounts, but seven more need to be made for a full drum set to be present. The MIDI to Arduino programming has been a little more difficult. Continue reading Updates for Robotic Drums