First Draft

The first draft of the code for driving the Autonomous GPS car.

While waiting for the arrival of our gear motor to work the steering of the car, I have begun a simple code to drive our GPS car. Using bits and parts from previous codes for smaller cars, and some improvisation on the steering, I’ve compiled this small code for the car. Undoubtedly, it will need to fixed and rewritten a many times before it works with all of our parts.


Weekly Update 1



This week we worked on the steering system for the car. Coming from the RC car, we are no longer able to use a servo motor for steering as these is no easily available one that could produced the required torque.

Shot of the Arduino board and relays on the car
Shot of the Arduino board and relays on the car

With this in mind other options for steering had the be considered.  Testing was done with various devices we had on hand including traditional motors and linear actuators of various sizes. All of these designs faced similar problems with their reliability, stability, and ease of mounting.

The car, ready for the stepper motor to be installed

The car, ready for the gear-motor to be installed

After further research done by our professor, he suggested to us a gear-motor to handle the steering. After looking at the device for ourselves we believe its high torque and simplicity will be perfect for the steering system on the car.

Stepper Motor from
Stepper Motor from

Currently the motor is on its way and should be here by Monday. In the meanwhile Gerrick and I have been preparing the car and writing code to go with the motor. Next week we plan to begin experimenting with the stepper motor and deciding the best way to mount it to the car.