Numbers Game Circuit

Over the past week, if finished my soldering my circuit to the PC Board. The circuit was extremely complex, and it had many connections that needed to be made between the 3 microprocessors of the circuit. At this point, the circuit it is all but working, and it just needs a few more connections on the board that may need troubleshooting. I will post pictures of the completed circuit once it is complete. The schematic of the circuit is listed below.

Overview I: The end of electronics is closing in.

‘Hello’ again.

This is going to be my next to last post besides the final report of my Electronic Color Organ.

The Color Organ triple deluxe was finished last week, It functions perfectly and has a headphone jack so you can listen to the music while you watch the lights blink.

So now all that’s left is writing the final report my week has been relatively slow. We’ve had the first two days of the week off and only had one full day and the end of the trimester is near. I feel something in my gut. I think it’s spite, dis-appointment, and the work of radio waves.

In summary my experience in this electronics class have been excellent I walk away with much more skill and knowledge thanks to the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained with practice.

That’s all I have to say I suppose.

Complete Stage

The completed solar powered garden light is completely operational. The configuration is very very picky on what it needs to be set to though. One second it may be working the next second the LEDs will stay on even with light in the room. This circuit does work as it should but the key is to find the right direction that the potentiometer.


The Final Stretch

The electronic coin toss circuit is completed and in full working order.  The problems that were in the circuit had to do with the chance of landing on either red or green,  the chance was approximately 70/30 for it to land on green.  This problem was ultimately fixed and now the only thing that is left to do is put the circuit in some kind of structure that only shows the LEDs and the button. That would completely finish off the project.


It turns out getting the steering to work on the Arduino is a lot more difficult than I had expected. I’ve had to use a series of relays to control both the steering and the big motor as well.

Unfinished Relay for steering
Unfinished Relay for steering

In troubleshooting the steering relay, Mr. Bahn and I found that, in most likelihood, the Arduino was not grounded. Now that I’ve fixed that, I can solder the circuit together.

Finished Relay for the motor.
Finished Relay for the motor.

Messy Mounting

We found a nice, old, dirty power supply to take apart and mount my Simon in. It was a mess though as you can probably see, but the goo news is that the holes were the perfect size for the buttons and we only had to make the hold for the LEDs slightly larger. Seriously thought that was super dusty.