Robotic Drums are Awesome

There’s no way around it, these drums are awesome.  In the true definition of the word, they inspire awe.  There are a few more options to add and modifications to make, but the full eight drums are playing right on time.  Great work to everyone involved!  More, and better, video updates to follow…

Next up: Mapping some of the 80+ drums available on MIDI  drum tracks to our 8 drums so that our system can be used with more MIDI compositions from the wilds of the internet.

GPS and Car Code Combined

The GPS Code and the car code were combined this week. Austin and I must now work together on this project. We printed out our codes and discussed how we would run them together. We currently have the GPS steer the car only when there are no immediate obstacles in the way.  When we went out for a test trial, the turning motor was destroyed. It has now been repaired and soon, the car shall be tested again.