2015 Maker Faire Wrap-Up

Maker Faire Highlights

  • Dover Robotics earned the Editor’s Choice Award from the organizers of the event
  • 1,800 unique visitors to our website
  • Several promising job and education leads/offers for students to follow-up on
  • Collaboration offers from colleges, maker-spaces, technology fairs, and businesses
  • Thousands of smiling faces and awestruck gazes!

The Robotic Drumset display exceeded our expectations.  It was warmly received by many thousand visitors.  There were casual passers-by that danced and took a few quick pictures/videos, teachers and professors that inquired about kits for their own classrooms and eager enthusiasts with lots of questions who had dreams of a robotic drum set, but not yet made one.  The time passed quickly as there was hardly ever a time that someone wasn’t engaging the display in some way.

The hardware performed flawlessly for 16 hours of continuous playing.  (Including some serious abuse from excited little children)  The event was the perfect atmosphere for presenting the innovative technology education that is being developed in the Robotics classroom.