Traffic Light and Crosswalk Button

I’m making a traffic light with a crosswalk button. I am currently coding a continuous loop for the traffic light and a crosswalk button to intertwine with it so that the traffic light will always be on a cycle and you can press a button to automatically change the light color from green to yellow to red then after a short delay it will go back to green and continue its cycle until the button is pressed again.

Pancake Designer Motor Control

This week has been a learning and experimenting phase with using Arduino uno, an arduino shield and a 200 step stepper motor. Once I was successful with downloading the correct library needed the rest slowly fell into place.  Using a digital multi-meter to find out which set of wire were paired together and which one was the ground was the tricky part. After the correct pairing of wires were found I added a potentiometer into the circuit to try and control the speed at which the motor rotates. First I had to find out the range that the potentiometer rotated, which is 0 to 1023, and now I am currently working the map function in Arduino to convert the potentiometer number into a speed the motor can work correctly with. More updates to come.

Where it all begins…

Following our much needed Martin Luther King Jr. Day break, I was delighted to have been introduced to three fellow students in robotics, students with whom I will take part in the wonderful world of robotic development. By day two we were already set with our Arduino boards and working with our new world of technology, this entailed simply getting used to the format of the code and working with simple commands. First, we were given an example script of a blinking light. We then had to write our own script to get the light to blink.  Once accomplished I moved to the development of a traffic light, this project not only required several lines of code but a little handy work on the bread board. Having accomplished this I learned how to use inputs in the program, using a button I was able to send information in to a program to turn a light on, when I finished, to practice a little more I also set a 2 second delay to keep the light on after the button was depressed. Concluding this week I am still in the process of integrating the button into my Traffic light program to act as a cross walk button in the hopes of it working as it would in a real traffic situation. I look forward to further development in my knowledge, skills and of course robots.