Progress and Setbacks

We originally thought that the new version of arduino would be sufficient enough for what we needed but we found out pretty quick that it was not. We need a 24 volt motor shield and the new one only goes up to 12 volt. So knowing that the worst will probably happen we still decided to try using 24 volts, and do you know what happened? Correct! The whole circuit blew and there was smoke and that nice burnt smell. Just another setback for us but didn’t slow us down…much. Continue reading Progress and Setbacks

Robotic Arm

This week in the few days I had I started doing some more advanced stuff with my servo motor. I was able to smoothly make it move from 0 to 160 degrees then I decided to also make it go from 160 back to 0 on a loop so that it doesn’t stop going back and forth. I am currently working on a simple robotic arm to attach to the motor so that I can move the arm from left to right and I will hopefully be putting linkage in next week so that instead of just going side to side i can make a joint so that I can move the arm up and down.

This week I finished my projects with the dc motor and I also finished building and coding my knock lock which uses a servo motor. It is my first project with a servo motor and I am the first person in the class to use a servo motor. My project uses a knock frequency based on the vibration created by the knock to turn the motor and lock or unlock something.

Parts and Pieces

The parts have come and now it is time that we start putting it all together. Our original design was to have the brackets connected to the original handles that came with the skillet. As we looked at it more and more we then decided that it would not only be easier but also work better if we had a plate that ran across the skillet. So we found the dimensions for the plate and cut it out of some spare metal.  Continue reading Parts and Pieces