One Small Step at a Time

This week, my partner having nearly completed the “zero” function, I took to more of the hardware side of things.  In order for “zero”, our last big function, to work a limit switch is mounted to each axis (Y and X). the program will then utilize the switches by sending the header towards its axis’ limit switch till it presses the switch. As the switch is pressed a high signal is sent to pin 1 and the program sends the header back out to the middle of the skillet, Following this action a similar process will take place to move the skillet to a set zero point.  Attaching the switch was a feat in itself as its position was perpendicular to the metal it was to be mounted to. I fashioned a part made of some scrap steel that i cleaned up. To mount the switch two holes were drilled for the switch to attach to the metal piece, and two, one for each screw, to attach the metal to the metal frame of the y axis.

Assembled part and limit switch.

to follow up on the U/I, user interface , the new ‘LCD backpack’ unit  arrived earlier this week and was promptly installed. The U/I is now fully functional and directly controls the printer.

functioning LCD Running the U/I loop.
functioning LCD Running the U/I loop.

Progress, Goals, and more Progress


Another week has gone by and a tremendous amount of progress has been made. More ideas and designs have been recorded and we are currently working on making the design a reality. By mid week we really wanted to test it to see if it is working properly. We used different made up variables just for testing reasons and worked out all the numbers in an excel sheet to see what number we should begetting once we ran the program. Sorry for the sideways pictures… Continue reading Progress, Goals, and more Progress