Batter, The Hardest Part of Making a Pancake.

Whether it be more water or more mix it has become apparent that a perfect pancake batter simply cannot exist. With plans to show up at a robotics competition, our school’s hosting, and show the pancake printer off, Casey and I relentlessly attempted to find a batter that possessed the ideal consistency. Along with that, we needed a more suitable batter delivery system.

First pancake on fast flow nipple, the batter may be a bit thin.

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So that is what’s currently destroying me. The architecture of the thing. It’s pretty big and the dimensions and compensating for the thickness… Really it just comes down to the fact that I’ve never really done something like this before so it’s proving to be quite difficult. the plan is just to ‘build’ a drawing piece by piece to help me make sense of the whole thing.

Randomized Movement

So Gavyn and I have made so much progress in the past week and a half. we only fave one more thing to manufacture and that is the eyes. After that we will need a deer mount to put everything in and then that is it for the hardware. We are just about done with the software as well. We just finished up a randomizer for the deer behaviors. Each button we have is a different behavior and initially we were going to have a separate set of actions for each button and leave it at that. Instead what we have done is essentially keep the different behaviors but added a randomizing function. The randomizer we put in at first went through a loop of behaviors but, we realized that it was the same numbers in the same order over and over again.  We asked Mr. Bahn what we should do and he told us to use a random analog seed. This function generated a different number loop every time a button was pressed so that it was never the same behavior loop it was something new everytime.




A New Kind of Maze

Boy, it’s good to be back, even though I am a marking period late and I didn’t really plan to be here.  That’s all good though because it’s just as great as I remember it.  Robotics is a good bit harder than electronics was there is a whole lot of arduino language I needed to learn and relearn.  I also have Psychology this semester and I have really enjoyed it.  I get along well with the teacher and working with the mice was a lot of fun, but I had wanted to do more with them than run a silly maze.

This brings me to my project, though I did help on the pancake printer a tiny itsy bit.  I am working a rat testing maze.  My Psych teacher put in to get rats next year since they are cleaner and smarter than mice so they can do a good bit more than a simple maze.  They will have to activate buttons and switches on their own.  I plan to test it with my own rats that I recently got with new valid excuses of science.

So far I’m getting close to halfway done with the program.  The control panel screen is completely set to give some nice flavor text as well as timing the rat so the tester doesn’t have to. I also have the servo for the doors to work.  I just need to organize what I’ve been learning into functions.

Sorry for the length I just needed to play catch-up for a bit.  And maybe next time I’ll get my own category.

Baby Bottle to the Rescue

This week with the pancake maker we have experimented with a lot of batter and many ideas. We were finding that our original bottle for our printer was too big of a hole for the batter and so it would just easily flow out and was not what we wanted. So we thought about what would be best to use that has a small hole at the end and will also stop whatever is inside it from flowing, and that is when we thought of a baby bottle.  Continue reading Baby Bottle to the Rescue

Moving Parts and a Controller

In the past weeks Gavyn and I have perfected the servos. We started to manufacture parts. Currently we have the ears and tail built and are working on a design for the eyes and head. Currently we have the continuous servo on a timer going back and forth which will rotate the head, the we have two micro servos one for each ear that flick when a button is pressed and at the same time we have a tail that moves side to side.


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Hardware over software

Quick update on weekly posts, we have decided that from now on that we will create one new post the discusses everything that we have done over the week rather than two separate ones that give half and half.

This week with the pancake printer we got to work right away to put more together with the Y component and how the batter bottle will be held while pouring the batter. Continue reading Hardware over software