Bringing The Magic of Great Wolf Lodge Home!


This week I helped Mr. Bahn, or he helped me, on a special project for a friend of his. The idea is to utilize a magic wand you can purchase for your kids at the Great Wolf Lodge. The wand can take the kids on a scavenger hunt, let them unlock stuff and have a good time. When they come home the wand is well just about useless.

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Ears, Head, and Tail Oh My

Definitely not in Kansas anymore. Since getting the mount we have made so much progress. We have been able to get the ears mounted and the eyes have been stuck on. Although our original plan was to be able to make the eyes blink, we have realized that it will not be possible so we have just taken out the fifth servo motor. The head with the continuous motion servo has been working very well and we have had no recent issues with it. As far as the tail is concerned it is still going pretty good the next step for it is to get an actual deer tail mounted on the back half of the deer. The ears gave us a good bit of issues. The first thing that was happening was a lot of jittering and twitching and when we realized it was actually a faulty servo we put a new servo motor in. Then after we put the new servo in we were still having issues, like when we would turn it on one ear would go up and the other would go down which is obviously not what we wanted.

derp deer

Gavyn and I figured out that it was an issue with the voltage and also a few things in our code had to be touched up. Mostly in the function that tells the ears to do opposite motions so that it goes the same way since they are on opposite sides of the head. After getting all of that fixed up we got the ears doing what we wanted them to do.  We have finally now gotten everything going the way it should and we are just in awe of how great it looks and how much progress we have made. Gavyn and I have started working on putting the actual “mother board” per say. He has done a lot of the soldering and we are nearing the time to put it all inside the deer and see how it all works out.


The Future of the Pancake Printer

This week the pancake printer got some attention other than from our robotics class. WGAL’s Lori Burkholder, and a reporter from the York Daily Record came by and talked with each of us about our projects and how each of them started. Lori Burkholder said she would email our teacher when our story would be aired so we are all excited about that. As far as the York Daily Record, if you look back on a later post from our teacher you will see our video interview with the reporter. Continue reading The Future of the Pancake Printer

The Physical Part

Recently we managed to find some wood and have been able to start on the framework. I’ve learned quite a few new things like cnc cutting and how not to use a drill. There is a lot more to be done though and I’m still not quite sure if it’ll even get finished.

Printing in Public

Last weekend Colt and I, (with some help from Emily) we decided that we would go to our school’s robotics competition. This competition is for Vex robots and not so much like our robotics course. Congratulations and well done to the competitors that had competed. Taking the printer to this competition and showing people there what we have been working on really seemed to catch everyone’s attention. That or they were just hungry for pancakes. Continue reading Printing in Public