1/26 nms

This week i learned alot more about programing and how to use the Arduino. I learned how to make a triffic light and a motor run but using several codes. This week I also decided on my robotics projects wich is two Donkey Kong robots that you can play the game with.

Things from this week

I have learned about switches and how to program them using the arduino. I made a light blink when I pressed a button. I had made a traffic light which had a traffic light button which when you pressed the button it went to yellow then red.  I have also learned how to hook up and program a motor with an arduino.

I have decided to partner up with nick with the donkey kong idea. We can do more together

Project Selection 1/26

I have decided to go with my idea of a walking dog robot. I have a few decisions that need to be made this week. Moving forward, I need to study how quadrupedal locomotion physically works naturally as well as think about what form factor I’m aiming for. My goal for the next week is to begin working on a single leg that moves the way I need.

One choice is the use of stepper motors compared to servos. Servos would be lighter and would require less cable management. Stepper motors would be much smoother, but the gearing required to make the joint work efficiently would be very large. Additionally, the stepper motors would require much more power, requiring the device to be tethered instead of battery powered. One other option is to have stepper motors for the shoulder joints and servos for the knees. The knees need less precision, and the weight and size savings may be worth the trade off.

Another choice is whether to make the device rely on sensors for locomotion or code. Code would be faster to edit, but would take longer to initially get working compared to sensors. Sensors would be harder to fine tune. Sensors also would take more space and weight, as well as needing more connections, which complicates the project.

A week in Review (2018/1/26)

This week I refreshed my skills in Arduino, and learned some new things! I started the week with finishing my traffic light project. The goal of this project was to create a miniature traffic light that would cycle through the three colors, and when a “crosswalk” button is hit it would go to red. The biggest challenge was to create a control-loop that did not rely on a ‘delay();’ between each light. Eventually, after 4 versions of the program I used and ‘if()’ loop in conjunction with a ‘delay(10);’ and a counter that would act as a clock. My next project was to create a motor that would turn in 2 directions. For this project I used an H-bridge chip (as per the arduino project book’s instruction). I have never used this chip before so this was a good learning opportunity for me. I also learned how to use the H-bridge to control the speed of the motor.

I also managed to cut back on my project ideas. I think what I will do is a laser engraver/cutter etch-a-sketch. Basically this will be an X-Y gantry with a laser that will be controlled by two potentiometers similar to how an etch-a-sketch operates. After this is done I will work with a classmate on a Boston-dynamics-esque walking robot.

Weekly Update

This week I made a traffic light which has a crosswalk button that when pressed will turn the light red no matter where it is in the loop.  I also made the Zoetrope to learn more about motor functionality.  This zoetrope can spin a motor on the push of a button and change the direction of it with another button. It also uses a poteniometer to control the speed of the motor.

Regarding my final robotics project idea I think im leaning towards building the autonomous obstacle avoiding car.

Robot ideas

My first idea is a robot that arm that can assess the structure of a object and how fragile it is and pick it up without breaking it like a egg

My second idea is a self moving soccer ball that will detect your foot and move when trying to be kicked

My third idea is two robots that you can play donkey Kong on a stair case one would try to drop balls down a staircase while the other climbs and avoids them

Robotics Project Ideas

My first idea is a small remote control rescue vehicle that would be capable of getting into small spaces. This vehicle would be able to travel on rough terrain using tracks instead of wheels. It would also utilize a camera to provide live feed for the operator. The vehicle would have several environment based features like a flashlight that only turns on in the dark and a gas detector.

My second idea is a security camera mounted to a robotic arm. This robotic arm could be mounted to any surface. The arm would be remote controlled and would be able to position the camera anywhere within its reach and be able to rotate it to any angle. When the arm is not being remotely controlled it could use a motion detector that when triggered would cause the arm to train the camera onto the movement.

My last idea is a completely autonomous car that would avoid contact with any obstacle. This vehicle would utilize sensors on the front and sides to detect objects. If there is an object blocking the way it would turn away from the object at a random angle and continue on until something else gets in its way.

Project Ideas 1/19

My first project idea is to have a walking dog robot similar to the Boston Dynamics robots. It would have legs that work independently from each other and would walk with gaits similar to a real dog. It would be fairly small in size and capable of walking on all terrain surfaces. The legs could also attach to any object to move it. Its purpose would be transporting small objects over rough terrain. It would be remote controlled.

My second idea is a flying GPS controlled drone. By inputting a geographical coordinate, the drone can fly to that specific point. When it reaches that specific point, it will release a flash drive. It will then fly to the location it took off from. It will be hand built. It could be able to detect if it were about to hit something and change course accordingly. Its purpose would be to deliver the “covert” flash drive to the location specified.

My third idea is a highly controllable 3-axis stabilized camera mount. It would be capable of moving the camera smoothly in all 3 directions and would be controlled by a small control panel on the device. It would also automatically keep the camera stable with a gyroscope for video. Its purpose would be to allow for more controlled and higher production value videography and photography.

Ideas, Ideas…

Laser Cutter/Engraver

This project would utilize recycled CD drives to use as gantries and steppers. I would custom program G-code and learn about the different methods that slicing programs use to turn lines into G-code.

Difficulty 2/5

Stanley 3.0

Stanley 2.0 was an attempt to create a self-driving car inspired by Stanford’s Stanley that won the DARPA grand challenge in 2005. This project would include creating sensor systems and drive systems and developing code that would guide the car using the sensor inputs.

Difficulty 4/5


This would be a model plane (sub 50 pounds) that uses some method to avoid obstacles in conjunction with a GPS to determine heading. This project would involve developing the plane systems, obstacle avoidance, and airplane control programming.

Difficulty 4/5

Camera-based Autonomous drone

This would be a system that uses two cameras to control a drone. The cameras would be situated along the X and Y axis to biangulate (?) The position of the drone in space. This project would entail the development of a computer-vision program and wireless drone control.

Difficulty 3/5

Drone Land Surveying

This project would use a drone with an altimeter (or other altitude measurement device) and a GPS to create an elevation map commonly used with civil engineers.

Difficulty 2/5

Modular Walking robot

This would be an autonomous walking robot that would be modular (not sure how exactly). This project requires walking systems, power systems, sensor systems, a walking mechanics program, and an autonomy program. This is a 2+ person project

Difficulty 5/5

Ideas for robotics

I was thinking of a robot that I could use for fishing where as the line goes out the robot will pick that up and do something like flash a led or wave a flag.

the second thing I was thinking about was a robot that you could put any where and when something walks past it it would make some sort of signal.

My third idea is an autonomous car which will respond to different stimuli in the surrounding environment.