More Difficult Than Intended

Nov. 14 – Nov. 25

The source code that I plan on using for the knock command is a code intended for a gumball machine that dispenses candy when the correct knock is heard. The code is definitely to a higher caliber than I am used to so it took a bit for me to read through to kind of start to get the jist of what I was looking at. After taking some time to digest the code, I began to start tweaking with it and playing around with it. However, I still didn’t fully comprehend how it worked so I figured it may be easier to start with a simpler code. So I found a code that would just serial print “Knock!” when the mic picked up the knock. After experimenting with the variables I have a better understanding of how the other code and how it functions. Sadly, I’m not sure if I will have enough time to work on the knock command because the semester is coming to an end soon and I still have to build the framing and solder all the components and what not.

Even More Progress!

Oct. 31 – Nov. 13

I switched to another motor driver, the current one should be more suitable to my project’s needs. Which does mean that I had to rewrite my code to suit the new motor driver. I finished writing the code to make the motor move left, right, right back, and left back. After testing it and fixing a couple of things I have started to integrate it into the master code. There was a slight glitch that was conflicting with the servo and the motor driver that was resolved by rearranging some of the pins. Other than that, my car is fully functional and every aspect is working well. Next I plan on adding a clap command to turn on and off the roam mode.

Below is a video of the car cycling through all the functions:


Oct. 18 – 30

I decided to go with the idea of attaching a distance sensor to a servo and have it spin 20 – 160 degrees. Within the certain degrees it will determine how the robot will react. For example between 20 and 69 degrees, if there is an object sensed and it is greater than 10 cm away but less than 59 cm away it will turn left. If there is an object less than 10 cm sensed it will start going backwards towards the right. After some testing I plan on integrating it into my master code to see how it interacts with the car. Below is what the servo looks like as it is scanning its surroundings: