Getting Into the Final Stages

Dec. 2 – Dec.19

So I have a knock command that works! I figured that instead of trying to use the more elaborate source code that I didn’t quite understand, I could just use a simple code intended for one knock. More simplistic and more realistic for a beginner.

I reformed my code with the help of Mr.Bahn, so now it runs smoother and runs more effectively for what I need it to do. Now my focus is directed towards the physical aspect of this project. I have been developing pieces that will fit around the main parts of the wheels to attach the rest of the main frame on. I have created pieces for both the front and back wheels and am waiting for them to be printed. Over the next couple of weeks I plan on soldering my circuit, finish building the frame and get it to function so that it is mobile. I also might switch out the servo because once it is first turned on it glitches for about 30 seconds then starts to run normally, sometimes it will glitch again it varies.