The End

This is my final post about my progress with my projector robot. The semester has officially come to a close. I made impressive progress with my project considering my lack of experience in programming and that I completed this mainly on my own with slight guidance from Mr. Bahn. So in the final days, I made a 3D print piece to fit around the wheels to build the base upon however the first time it did not fit. So I re-measured and sent out another model, I am still waiting for it to be printed. Rather than make a custom 3D model to attach the distance sensor and the servo together I decided to wrap it together with string however I did discover that it would more likely be efficient with wire that has insulation around it. Sadly as I tested out that version, the servo no longer spins, after some testing I believe it is a hardware problem. Also I’ve decided to name my projector robot, his name is Dio short for Dionysus, the god of theater. I figured it would be a good fit because the main function of this project is the ability for it to play content such as movies.

Below is a link to the google site that I created that summarizes my journey in creating Dio: