Connect 4 update 3

This week for robotics I worked on the design for the chip dispenser. It was difficult to figure out what material I was going to use but then I chose wood. It was fairly simple to make this cut and now I will use a servo to hit the chips out of place and gravity to move them after they get hit. Next Week I am hoping to actually tape everything up and start using it.

Lock Pick Week 02

This week was slightly more eventful than the previous and progress was made.

I started this shortened week trying to figure out how to interface the servo motor with the rest of the bot, though we switched around our roles before I started modeling any parts. Now Evan has taken on that task along with 3d modeling as a whole. This includes working with some errors made in my previous renderings, mainly the motor mount being too small.

Since then I’ve spent my time setting up our motor and motor controller and trying to get them to work.

Specifically this motor and this controller, both of which arrived Wednesday.

My current issue is getting the motor to run with the motor controller. For a reason yet to be determined, I haven’t been able to get it to do so. The provided documentation helped initially but hasn’t with this. Though it should be taken care of in the coming week, with the encoder next on the table.

The current hardware configuration.

Connect 4 Lily Week 3

This week we have continued prototyping different aspects of our project. I have completed the 3D drawing of the board which will be cut twice and glued with spacers in between each row to leave room for the chips. The wood for th board is mostly ready to be cut, it only needs to be cut to size and the have the holes cut also. My next step will be to design legs and the spacers for between each side of the board.

Trashy Week 3

During our four day week of working on Trashy, Seth and I began figuring out how to code and test our L298N Motor Driver. After applying demo code for it, we got both of our motors that we ordered to work and function correctly. Now we are currently working on how to connect the IMU to the motors as well as making the motors spin different directions they way we want.