GPS Car Update

The GPS Car is coming along nicely. With the smaller switches, we can easily fit them along the the side of the turning arm.

Steering Switches Pic 2

We still need to modify how they will fit in there¬†(the side crushes and bunches up the wires, the switch part is too long, it doesn’t sit high enough to contact the rotating bolt, etc.). ¬†But one step at a time.

Once we have these switches working with the Arduino, we’ll be able to test our code for actually running the car and the steering. A big problem with the programming is that we really don’t have a good way to test whether or not it does what we’re telling it to do. Like a Shakespearean Tragedy, the code comes in three parts right; A setup and calibration establishing the parameters for our steering, then the meat of the code which spews untested logic that may-or-may-not work, then sums itself up with defining certain functions (Drive, Back, Turn, etc).

Hopefully, by this time next week, we’ll be testing our steering.

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