The Beginning

Sept. 16 – Oct. 3

After some thought and research I have decided to build a projector robot. My vision for this robot is heavily influenced by Tipron, a projector robot that was created around 2016. It will follow you around and display the news, the weather, or twitter and you can teach it to know certain points in your home to go to and so on. My robot will be able to track an object, avoid obstacles, move the projected image up and down, and hopefully be able to follow clap commands.

To start I had to take control of the car and be able to control the direction and steering. It took a bit of time for me to get right onto track because I didn’t know exactly where to start, but once I got going it was pretty smooth sailing. The main hindrance in getting the motor to work came down to one faulty wire, once I changed that out I got the motors working. Then I wired the steering on the open side of the H-bridge and took control of that also, then slowed down the speed of the car. My next task is to either figure out how to use an ultrasonic distance sensor to make it do what I want and figure out the base of the robot, that will hold the projector.  

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