Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

Oct. 4 – Oct. 17

I learned how an ultrasonic distance sensor works. I’ve written code for forward, backward, and stop. However, as I was testing the circuit one day and connected the power supply to the circuit I fried my Arduino because the voltage was set to 16 volts. There was a wire that I misplaced that connected the power supply to the Arduino and thus dooming my circuit. So I had to change out my Arduino, also I swapped out the H-bridge for a single motor driver, and then changed to a dual motor driver. With figuring out what all was damaged I had to alter my code slightly and rewire some parts of my circuit for the new motor driver. On the upside, the current motor driver will be able to handle the power (forward, back) and the steering (left, right) at the same time as opposed to having two separate motor drivers.

Once I got back on track to where I was before frying my circuit I had to figure out how I want this robot to be able to turn left or right. Originally the idea was to have three distance sensors each facing in one direction and when one sensed an object it would tell the motor to move accordingly. However, there could be a different way to go about this. I could have a motion detection sensor and when it senses an object at a certain degree it will tell the robot to move left or right.

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