Now for the “Ink”

Shout Out to our friend Kyle, thanks for bringing us in pancake mix, it’ll be put to good use.

Now that the header is properly functioning and we have run tests by taping a sharpie marker to the header and putting a sheet of paper on the skillet and running the program to have it draw on the paper.


Now for the “ink”

Earlier today I mixed several batches of batter in a chem. Lab fashion using beakers and scales carefully measuring and mixing different ratios of dry matter to water to get the perfect consistency to go through the nozzle and not be too fast too slow or too thick or too thin.  The idea was to have the batter stored in a vat mounted in the head of the printer and use a gravity fed nozzle to dispense it to the skillet

Precise batter for precise pancakes.


We took the liberty of purchasing a strainer to remove the left over clumps that would otherwise be caught in the nozzle. A whisk was also purchased to make a smother batch. I found that a 3 parts dry to 5 parts water is the best consistency that flows smoothly and constantly and using a smaller nozzle should prevent it from spreading too much on the skillet.

The 3:5 ratio running out.

3 thoughts on “Now for the “Ink””

  1. I’m curious as to how much the “ink” will spread when on a hot griddle since the batter appears so thin? Interesting

    1. At a steady flow and speed the batter is about 1 inch wide, I hope I can use a smaller nozzle to lessen the flow. I am looking forward to get new bottles.

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