Improving The Motorized RC car with a Motor Driver

In the previous week of robotics my main goal was to add a new and improved motor driver that could handle more voltage. The H-Bridge  couldn’t handle the rapid switching so this swap was very necessary for my project.  The motor driver that installed now is a     ” TB6612″ in case anyone was trying to find a solution to controlling motor speed, direction, and any other sequences of demands that you could create. The concept of the motor driver is very simple and straight forward, on the one side of it there will be pins that you control your motor A, then below will be two ground pins, then below that yet will be two pins that you use to control your other motor. On the other side of the board will be pins where you control what your motor does, you can find a chart by looking up ” TB6612FNG”; this will show you what pins need to be set to high and Low to complete certain command to the motor. Now that i have the motor running my next step will be to transfer everything to the actual RC car and control the steering and which direction  my motor is spinning to go forwards and backwards.

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