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Dover High School is located in southern PA.  Mr. Bahn is the Physics teacher at Dover and has recently started a robotics program for students who have completed his introductory electronics course.  The robotics course is designed to teach students to bridge the gap between the physical world and the digital world.  They will be working on several projects, varying in complexity,  and along the way learning to write computer code, build electronic hardware, and design mechanical parts.

Current projects are based on the goal of building a self-driving GPS-enabled car.  Future projects include a self-playing drum kit and a robotic deer for catching poachers.  Students are welcome to come with their own project ideas to be developed by the team.

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  1. Hi. I am a drummer and I saw your project for the robotic drummer on the NY Maker Faire website. Impressive! Most impressive because I am also showing a project at the NY Faire: the Rhythmajig. It is a rhythm composer and drum pattern player with a large user interface. In it’s current state it is designed to output MIDI to a synthesizer – the 2nd phase is to take that MIDI and play an actual drum set & congas, but I didn’t get that completed.

    But you did! My Rhythmajig can output MIDI directly into your drummer project, and I hope there is the possibility that we will be set up near each other and can try that out! If it’s OK with you, I’d consider asking the organizers now before its too late to arrange that.
    Either way, I will be looking for your project in September, and I hope you can find the time to stop over to see mine. Also, I am living here in South-east PA in West Chester. I don’t know where Dover is except that it is also in southern PA.
    Please get back to me soon!

    1. Sounds good. If you’re outputing on Channel 10, it will most likely work. Not all drums are assigned, but all of the common ones in a drum kit are.

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